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10x WS Silent Tactile Switches

10x WS Silent Tactile Switches

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WS Silent Tactile Switch / 10 Stück

This is a preorder. Unfortunately, all switches are currently out of stock. Restock is on its way and is expected to arrive at latest by 15th of December.

Our absolute silent favorites!

Due to the innovative stem design of the WS Silent Switches which come without annoying rubber stoppers or silicone elements you will find the best silent switches on the market.

Absolutely clean typing feel and wonderfully pre-lubricated. Simply plug in and type away :-)


  • Switch Type: Silent Tactile
  • Top Housing Material: Nylon
  • Bottom Housing Material: Nylon
  • Stem Material: POM
  • Spring: 15mm/Single Stage
  • Total Travel: 3.50±0.3mm
  • Bottom-out Force: 63.5gf
  • Pins: 5-pin
  • Factory lubed

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