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MonacoKeys Basic Blue PBT Keycaps

MonacoKeys Basic Blue PBT Keycaps

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MonacoKeys Basic Blue PBT Keycaps

Finally available! MonacoKeys Basic Blue - our first keycaps of the 2nd version.

During the last months we have invested a lot of time and work to make our keycaps even better for you. In version 2 you can expect clearer fonts (Legends) and optimized font sizes, better PBT quality and a much better and nicer packaging!

Basic Blue is also the first set of our "Basic Colors" series which is characterized by a clear color of the legends (in this case white) as well as two variants of a color direction (here dark and not quite so dark blue :-) ). This set also includes five hand-drawn novelties (keycaps with pictures).

As usual with our sets, these keycaps also offer support for the most common keyboards from 60% to 110% including HHKB and Alice layouts.

Thanks to your support, we are now able to produce larger quantities, which has slightly reduced the price of the keycaps.


  • 5 hand-drawn novelties
  • Cherry Profile
  • Durable PBT material
  • Support of all common keyboard layouts from Alice over 65% to 110%
  • 5-Side Dye Sublimation

This product consists of keycaps only. No keyboard is included.

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