[Preorder] Neo Ergo - Ergonomic Alice Layout Keyboard Kit

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Neo Ergo - Ergonomic Alice Layout Mechanical Keyboard Kit

The Neo Ergo from QwertyKeys is an elegant and ergonomic alice-style mechanical keyboard barebone kit.

The Tri-Mode PCB comes with two 2200mAh batteries and supports 2.4 GHz wireless and Bluetooth in addition to wired connectivity. The firmware is based on QMK and can be configured via VIA.

The Neo Ergo has an innovative gasket mount that has been specially tailored to the Alice layout to provide consistent typing feel and optimal acoustics.

The ball-catch mechanism and magnetic connectors eliminate the need for screws during construction!

Available with PP, PC POM, FR4, Aluminum and Carbon Fiber Plate.

Hard ———————————————> Soft:
Carbon Fiber > Aluminum > FR4 > POM > PC > PP

Clack ———————————————> Thock:
Aluminum > Carbon Fiber > FR4 > POM > PC > PP

All information about this keyboard can be found on the official QwertyKeys product page.

More accessories available on the Extra Parts page.


  • Ergonomic Alice-Layout Aluminium Case
  • Buildable with and without arrow keys
  • Backside weight
  • Innovative Gasket Mount
  • Ball-catch mechanism and magnetic connectors for screwless design
  • The Tri-Mode PCB supports Wired, 2.4 GHz wireless and Bluetooth connections.
  • South facing hot-swap sockets (some rotated for multi-layout support)
  • Includes:
    - Neo Ergo Case (Top+Bottom+Kernel+Weight+Badge), PCB & Plate of choice
    - Preinstalled external Weight
    - Tri-Mode PCB includes two 2200mAh batteries and 2.4GHz USB Dongle
    - Poron Case Foam, PE Foam, PCB Foam
    - USB-C Daugtherboard preinstalled
    - Gaskets for Gasket Mount
    - Free gifts (no warranty and no guarantee of being included)*
      - Keyboard carrying case
      - 1x Keycap & Switch Puller and Screwdriver
      - 1x Set of PCB Clip-In Neo Stabilizers
      - USB-C Cable

*The accessories are defined by the manufacturer as a “free gift”, so there is no guarantee on these components or that they will actually be delivered. With our previous orders, however, there were no problems and all parts (especially the stabilizers) were always included.

This product is a barebone keyboard kit without Switches and Keycaps, these need to be aquired separately. The oxidation of copper weights is unavoidable due to the characteristics of these materials.